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Originally Posted by dmg4 View Post
What's the trick to getting the shift knob with overdrive button removed and replaced without damage? Alternatively, is it possible to remove the shift lever from the base as a route towards replacing the shattered plastic surround?
The top knob you push down on will come off but is VERY tight. Its splined inside. Most pull the entire knob until the button comes off, the spring flies out, etc. Only other "neat" option involves pulling the entire shifter bucket out and knocking out the cotter pins that hold everything together at teh other end. Neither is easy. Yes, its a stupid design and the #1 reason I use the 93 shifters in all my restos ('nuther topic altogether).

Originally Posted by dmg4 View Post
And why did Volvo build the rest of the car to deflect artillery rounds, but used interior plastic that cracks from slamming the door on a cold day?
When you find out, let me know too. My favorite is the love affair with plastic trim clips.
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