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Got it! In the event anyone else needs to do this, here's how I did it:

1. Grab the overdrive button on the side of the shift knob with a pair of needle-nose pliers and gently work the switch out of the side of the knob.

2. There are 2 wires attached to the switch with spade connectors. If one has plastic insulator, cut it away, but leave the spade. Disconnect the wires from the switch and push the wires back into the knob. You'll need to feed these wires back through the knob in step 4, and they won't fit if the plastic cover is still on the spade connectors.

3. Grab the shift knob and place one hand over the top, and begin pulling upward hard and working it alternately clockwise and counterclockwise very sightly. You'll feel it begin to give way. Get ready. It lets go suddenly.

4. Continue to pull straight up and keep your palm over the top of the knob. There's a stout spring under the release button and it will leave town unless you hold it down as the knob comes free.

5. Once the knob comes free, you can feed the wires through the channel at the front of the knob.

6. Replacement is the reverse. You can use heat-shrink tubing on the spade connections in place of the plastic covers.
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