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Originally Posted by bullitt91 View Post
Hey everybody!
My name is Jon and I'm a certified Volvo tech in Pittsburgh Pa.
If anyone has a question about their Volvo, please ask!

Hi Jon, I've got a situation as follows with my 2006 S60 2.5T. I'm baffled by the problem and wondered if you had any thoughts on it.

While driving, my 2006 S60 2.5 T repeatedly acts like it is going to die, and it has actually died on one occasion while gently accelerating from a stop light. The check engine light has come on three times now. When it came on the the first time I took the car to a general mechanic (NOT a Volvo service department or a private mechanic who specializes in Volvo mechanical repair). The mechanic hooked the car up to his computer and received numerous "low voltage" and "grounding" error codes for a variety of systems, including tail lights and fuel system.

The mechanic cleared the codes and said to bring the car back if the check engine light came back on. The car continued to periodically acts as if it was going to die and for some strange reason it usually occurs while accelerating away from stop signs and stop lights. The check engine light came back on several days after it was initially checked out by the general mechanic. Unfortunately, the check engine light went out on its own within one day of coming back on and before I could get the car back to the mechanic. The check engine came back on today under normal driving conditions. It was acting like it was going to die again as I accelerated gently away from several stop lights. The check engine came back on today when the car was not acting up.

I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be causing this problem. I also suspect that the non-Volvo diagnostic database that was used by the mechanic may different and reflect non specific codes that are different than the Volvo diagnostic computer database would show? Any thoughts and input from experts would be greatly appreciated. As a side note, just in case its relevant, the vehicle has nearly 198,000 miles on it but it not driven hard and has been meticulously maintained.

Thank you in advance for any and all help that anyone can provide.

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Hi Jon,
My 2005 S40 is at the dealer and has been for the last three weeks. I replaced the motor and the immobilizer code came up. I had it towed to Volvo and they diagnose it as needing a new immobilizer, the service adviser assured me that that was the issue. After making the repair the car would not start, I was told that I had a faulty ECM I sent it to a company that specializes in auto computers and had it rebuilt. The dealer still cannot get it to start. Any ideas I see you are from Pittsburgh, I'm willing to have it towed to you if you think you can solve the issue. I'm willing to pay what ever it takes to get this resolved.
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New MAF, didn't help

Hello. I have a 01 XC70 with roughly 200k miles. The car was idling rough, nearly stalling then surging. Mechanic diagnosed that the MAF needed replaced. I did this myself but still having the same problem. Any ideas?
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Timing belt 2012 S60

Hi - I own a 2012 Volvo S60 T5 - 73k miles - when should I have the timing belt replaced? I had an A4 that blew at 68k and took out my engine and turbo with it, so I want to avoid and issue and don't trust the recommended manual interval since my bad Audi experience where the recommended interval was 90k....thanks!
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My exterior door handle of my 2012 S60 does not open the door so I am trying to find the cause. The interior works fine. I took off the door panel by removing the two screws and and popping off the clips. I cannot remove the black plastic interior panel - in the Volvo parts list it is 30784310 Retainer, window lift mechanism. I removed a series of screws surrounding the panel but I cannot remove it. It moves a bit and it does not appear to have any adhesive holding it. Is there something else that need to be removed?


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Hi Jon Own a 05 S60R 189k miles auto. When I put ignition to position 2 tail lights work etc. upon starting the tail lights go out and fogs are disabled also. VIDA says CEM-8B01 Parking lamps. Signal too low. What should I look for? Cleaned 6 ground points in engine compartment. (3 on each side of fender tops) seemed to correct it for a day but went right back. Any help? THANKS
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Hi Jon Thanks for helping us Volvo owners. I have a 2004 xc70 with 250K miles. It has suddenly having trouble with the key fob - not responding to anything but unlock and the intermittent wiper control doesn't work suddenly. Friend suggested ECU module may be at fault. Nothing shows on my OBDC reader. Anything to add from your experience?


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How are the new V90s V90CCs? I'd love to see my wife in one, but she's spooked by reports that she has seen of reliability issues. I thought I read some early reports of electrical gremlins, but how have they been overall. We'd be looking at the T6.

I've been a long time (1997) BMW 3 series owner (I do a fair amount of my own work since I teach and track the car FTTT. She's coming out of a 2007 Honda Odyssey, so used to a certain amount of Japanese reliability. How can I reassure her to consider the V90. We tend to keep cars a while, so longer term reliability is nice, though that may be tough to judge with these bi-boosted motors.


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I think Jon has left the building

foot steps..... door slam.....
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Hi Jon,
I recently purchase a 2000 S70 sedan non-Turbo.
After a few days of ownership the steering started to lock up when trying to turn to the right while driving the car. Do a quick turn to the left and it will work as nothing is wrong, steers very well.

It doesn't do it all the time. It does it when it feels like it. Had the car checked by a independent mechanic and no problems noted, everything check good. He stated he drove the car for about 15 - 20 miles with no problems noted. The person I bought the car from replaced the steering rack. He used the correct power steering fluid CHF 11S, labeled on the reservoir.

Could the power steering pump cause this?
I'm lost at what could be causing the problem.
Any ideas????
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Question 850 Turbo Wagon ’95-no go
Fighting a re-start issue.
After running to a destination and parking upon return car won’t start.
1) Pulled plug and determined there is spark.
2) Shrader Valve showed fuel presence did not measure how much
3) Swapped out fuel pump relay seemed A-OK ......but know I had to sit at a delivery for about 1 hour before the car would
4) New position sensor has been installed as well.
I am hearing of a second relay dealing with fuel located near the radiator, that may be the fault.

Any advice is appreciated as I am running out of guesses as to where next to look.
Nick Volvo
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Hello, Jon! I hope you're still active on here! Currently live in Pittsburgh and am having issues with a 2006 S60.

Friday morning, the ignition wouldn't turn past ignition lock 1. Today I finally got out there, removed the lower cowling and the ignition switch. Using a screw driver, the car does turn on. However, I cannot shift from park.

Do you have any "next step" tips? It was just going to be towed to the shop, but as we could not get it to neutral, the tow guy suggested we use a wrecker instead. If I am able to get it to neutral, we can at least flat bed it. Additionally, when the car turned on, it gave an "anti-skid service needed" error. This seems to be related to the steering column. Is it a separate issue, is it related to the cowling being off, is it related to the ignition switch being "loose"? Thanks in advance!
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I have a 123 GT, would you know where I can get the original Smith tachometer repaired?
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Hi my name is Phillip. I have a 98 s70 and it has a major oil leak on the right side of to engine somewhere. I put oil o'in and as soon as i start it up all the oil pumps right outta the engine or hose on the right side of the engine. i think a hose or gasket blew out because the oil flows fast. I also noticed some oil around the valve cover.
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New member here! I checked the bulbs they look good, im thinking it might be a bad ground but im not shure, any advice would be greatly appriciated. And by the way, I'm interested in the Honda Civic price as well. Comparing between the prices. So want some info here. Thanks!

Sorrow to NOT drive, but you gotta pay for it
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Rebas940 here. I have a 92 940 GL. (at least 240k -250k miles, due to speedometer issues) The power steering fluid is the original unless it was changed under warranty. sSo far there are no problems and I want keep it that way. She runs fine. I feel it is past time to service the suspension.

1. what fluid do I use in the power steering

2. I want to put new bushings on the suspension (currently all original)? I have been looking at IPD and their kits for polyurethane bushings.
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Hello everyone! I found interesting things to discuss here and I will be glad to many who will help me with advice. I am a novice car enthusiast and not only, I will be glad to hear from you and if you like my ideas about car upgrades. I am engaged in body repair, I will be glad to meet like-minded people.
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John - Since you are a mechanic I want to bring this up to you. I have a 2010 Volvo S40 2.4L L5 DOHC 20V - Engine: B5244S7, here is my questions.

The tire pressure warning light and the a TPMS fault occurs with the message "TIRE PRESS SYST SERVICE REQUIRED". When the engine has started the tire pressure warning light does flash for about 30-60sec and the "TIRE PRESS SYST SERVICE REQUIRED" states constant. I just bought the car less then one week ago, the tire are 225/50/ZR17 94 W and I have them inflated to 37-38psi. This tire size I just mentioned are not listed as a stock option for this model & year according to the owners manual. I noticed a combo of TPMS stems on the wheels are silver and some are black stem. The tires look new and car history report shows the car was serviced 3k ago and non-Volvo mechanics services the TPMS. So after just buying the car and I have no idea how long the TPMS has really been on and other then inflating to tire to 40psi, then bringing it down to 37-38psi and driving the car for about 15 miles - no change. Without going to the Volvo dealer, what can assist me with to resolve this?
Thanks Karl
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