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  1. Volvo Wanted
    I have been looking for a yellow 850 r for a while now. I would like to have a wagon preferably, but would also like a sedan. Any leads would help. Thanks.
  2. Volvo Coupé and Convertible
    I have been looking for a 1995 yellow 850 t5r for a while now. It can be sedan or wagon, doesn't matter. Just looking for a yellow r that's in good shape.
  3. Volvo 700, 800 and 900 series
    :( Hello After a battery failure and disconnect my 12 volt (cigarette lighter) outlet won't work any longer. I checked the fuse. The fuse is to serve the outlet and the horn. The horn is working the 12 v outlet is not. Any advise? Thank you all.
  4. Introduce yourself
    Hello, I have a black 1995 T-5R with a cracked head and was wondering where would be the best place to sell it off as parts. I know they are very hard to come by. I did a search for a wheel for the car 2 years ago and only found 3 and each was in pretty rough shape, yet still were $250 each. I'm...
  5. Volvo 700, 800 and 900 series
    I am considering purchasing 1995 850 volvo, car is beautiful inside and out, bad news 210000 miles and check engine light is on and there is an antifreeze smell when i turn on the this worth $1000.00???? It drove nice besides a rattle in front end, sounded like something plastic...
1-5 of 5 Results