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  1. Volvo Classics
    Hi all, New to the forum and relatively new to owning a vintage Volvo (fell in love and switched from a 1985 Mercedes 300TD wagon). Three days ago, my car started from cold as usual, but when I went to start it later in the day, it wouldn't turn over. It seemed like the battery and lo and...
  2. Volvo 700, 800 and 900 series
    It's a 1989 740 turbo. I replaced the battery with a brand new one, and replaced cable ends where the rust looked like blue cotton candy. It started perfectly right after I did all that, and took a short drive for groceries. The next day it took a couple of seconds to start in the morning...
  3. Volvo 100 and 200 series
    Hi, I've got a 92 240, w/ 112k miles on it, second hand cared for lovingly by a relative who died. It's run flawlessly for the year I've had it, and I really love it. However Ive had my 1st problem with her and want to try my hand at repairing it myself. Now, I started her up, ran an errand...
1-3 of 3 Results