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  1. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    Hey.. New to Volvo thing with a 1998 V70XC AWD, 144K Miles. First little issue - more to the little quirks are found. ~~~Fuel Gauge does not register with a Full Tank. With Key Off, the Needle drops below the Red Line. With the Key On, the needle moves slightly past the Red Line...
  2. Volvo 100 and 200 series
    Hi everyone, I've just purchased my 1982 Volvo sedan (amazing car - must have been truly luxurious in its time) and am wondering about what kind of fuel I can run it on. I can't find anything saying it's able to run on anything except Leaded, but my mechanic (who has been servicing the car for...
  3. Volvo Sedan
    When i first purchased my car a couple of months ago, when i really got on the gas (to pass or just take advantage of the twin turbos's :)) It would start to bog down, and would just feel like I was taking my foot off the gas pedel when it was close or too the floor. Well just recenetly its...
1-3 of 3 Results