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  1. Volvo Trucks
    Low mileage truck is hard to split to low range when cold. When the gearbox heats up sufficiently the splitter works well. What can it be. Perhaps I need to adjust something but I don't know what/how. Is there a workshop manual available online?
  2. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    Good evening, Since today that my Volvo C30 has begun to have this serious symptom: While I'm driving normally, when I change the gear (example: from 4th to 3rd gear), the car accelerator stops responding even though the engine stays on (stepping on accelerator does not increase speed or RPM)...
  3. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    hey i have a n xc90 2.5t about 05 or 06 cant quite remember what year, but it keeps on getting stuck in park and no one cant get it out sometimes the key also get stuck in the ignition and wont turn fully off. i have been to several mechanics and gotten it scanned and looked at and everyone says...
1-3 of 3 Results