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  1. Volvo Classics
    Can someone help explain how I should set my idle for my volvo it seems that when its in park the idle is high and when I put it into gear the rpm's drop and then it stalls out. I don't know how to address this the rpm drop confuses me is that normal, it's an automatic transmission.
  2. Volvo Versatility
    Hi, After having an accident with my V40 yesterday, I am looking to buy a secondhand V70, probably a phase II model. I'm not yet sure wether I will go for a diesel or a lpg converted engine. My previous car ran on lpg and I was quite happy with it. I've looked for a thread about the pitfalls...
  3. Volvo Sedan
    When i first purchased my car a couple of months ago, when i really got on the gas (to pass or just take advantage of the twin turbos's :)) It would start to bog down, and would just feel like I was taking my foot off the gas pedel when it was close or too the floor. Well just recenetly its...
1-3 of 3 Results