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  1. Volvo For Sale
    Sets of Original Volvo Seraphis 17" Aluminium / Light Metal Rims for S40, C30, V50!!! Hello Volvoforum, today I offer you a very good proposal. Its about few Sets of original Volvo seraphis 17" aluminium / light metal rims suitable for the S40, C30 or V50 model. Price is 499,- plus shipping...
  2. Volvo For Sale
    For sale are four used 18-inch DSW matte black rims (18x8.0, 38mm offset, 5-lug). I spent $1400+ on these wheels about 3 months ago. I bought the wheels from IPD at this website: "VMS" Alloy Wheel 18 Inch Matte Black They come with 4 P205/40R18 Nitto Neo Gen tires with only 2,000 miles on them...
  3. Volvo For Sale
    Volvo 1995 850 Factory OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheels/Rims Wheels/Rims Total 4 Size: 16" x 6.5" Finish: SILVER (OEM RIM) Style: ALLOY WHEEL, 16 X 6.5, 5 SPOKE Bolt Pattern: 5 x 108 Note: Volvo calls this wheel ''Columbia'' this is NOT a directional wheel One wheel has scuff on edge. Used for...
1-3 of 3 Results