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  1. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    I have found some on eBay for pretty inexpensive, but unsure of the process involved, if i need to get the dealer involved, would be a pain because the dealer is not nearby... Has anyone here done this and can advise me?
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    I was told my left cv boot is leaking and needs replacement and was quoted almost $1000 CDN. I have a 2008 S40. The mechanic was not helpful and I don’t know much about cars, so your help is greatly appreciated. How long can I can go without replacing this? I don’t drive much during the pandemic...
  3. Volvo Sedan
    Hello Everyone! I wanted to know if anyone has an answer to what may be causing an 07 volvo s40 Turbo model to stall intermittently during idle. Some days it will just sputter a bit then once it warms up it runs great, and wont stall if left idling once warm. Other days it will stall out, I...
  4. Volvo Sedan
    Bought a used 2009 Volvo S40 2.4i last week, and apart from a problem with the trunk latch (replacement part is in the mail), the only pressing issue right now is that I only have one key for it (used car dealership was only given one when it was sold to them). I called my local Volvo dealer...
  5. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    Hello, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I'm not sure, but I think this is a good place to ask my question. I own a Volvo S40 2006 1.6 Diesel (I live in Brussels, Belgium) and I changed my fuel filter. I'm not very technical but I'm learning Problem is that my Volvo doesn't...
  6. Volvo For Sale
    I have a used aluminum skid plate (shield) for a Volvo S40 2007 and other models (auto trans, 4-door, 2.4i eng, FWD) to protect the oil pan. It is from IPD (Volvo parts seller), part # 113839 (out of stock, $160), that was used for about three months until I sold it. Also have the original...
  7. Volvo Sedan
    Purchased a used S40 for my daughter. Low beam lights were not working but high beam lights were. Most of the forums I read lead me to believe that the problem was a defective CEM circuit board. Couldn't afford a new CEM, so I ordered a used one from ebay for $65.00. Installed the board in...
  8. General Discussion
    I have a white 2008 s40 that I bought used from a Volvo dealer in 2011. The tint was already on the car when I bought it. I have never had a problem getting it inspected, but I was failed this time due to the tint being too dark on the back windows. I'm a bit confused since every white s40...
  9. Electronics
    I just bought my daughter a 2007 S40 T5. I am not sure but I think it has premium sound. I would like to add bluetooth, principally for her safety in using the phone, but also for streaming audio from iPhone if that is possible. Having visited a couple of places, I am getting the idea the...
  10. Volvo For Sale
    Sets of Original Volvo Seraphis 17" Aluminium / Light Metal Rims for S40, C30, V50!!! Hello Volvoforum, today I offer you a very good proposal. Its about few Sets of original Volvo seraphis 17" aluminium / light metal rims suitable for the S40, C30 or V50 model. Price is 499,- plus shipping...
  11. Volvo Wanted
    I'm looking for the diamond cut midir wheels, either used or new. Please let me know if anyone has them at a decent price.
  12. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    Hey everyone, this past weekend I was out running errands. Car was running fine, went into Lowes, came back out and key would not turn past position 2. All lights, radio, etc turned on, but nothing else. No clicking or turnover. Replaced the battery 2 weeks ago, and it has been starting and...
  13. Volvo Sedan
    I own a 2001 volvo s40 and lost the keyless remote to it. I recently purchased one on ebay but dont know how to program it o my car. Can any body help me with this?
  14. General Discussion
    Hello, I commute up to 1200 mile a week for work. Would the S40 with 90,000 mile be a wise purchase? I’ve read mixed reviews; worried about electrical issues.:confused:
  15. Volvo Sedan
    I just purchased a 2006 S40 2.4i from a used lot. The car did not come with an owner's manual and only 1 key. Does anyone know where I can get the manual and another key? Cost on a duplicate key? Thanks!
  16. Volvo Sedan
    I am searching for the source of a leak that appears to be coming from around the filter cap. (somewhere up there anyway) Has anyone ever found that one of those O-rings on the filter cap leaked? I changed it, but thought certainly someone else would have seen this before me.
  17. Introduce yourself
    Hello! I'm new to the forum. I bought an '03 S40 a couple of years ago and just wanted to learn more about the car. I'm a huge VW fan, but this is my first (and hopefully not last) Volvo. I'm amazed by what a solid little car this is every time I drive it. I actually got it for my wife...
  18. Electronics
    Hey, I am currently looking to start the process of replacing all the speakers in my S40. From what I can tell so far, it looks like the rear two are 5.25" speakers. I was just hoping that someone could verify that? And also make some reccomendations for replacements. I've been price shopping...
1-18 of 18 Results