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  1. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    Hi everyone, I've just purchased an '07 S60 2.5t AWD and am so far loving it! Volvo has become a kind of tradition in my family. Other current corral holdings are my father's 2007 S60 2.5t AWD and an old but still kicking 1999 S80. Google hasn't been very forthcoming with how to find/purchase a...
  2. Volvo Sedan
    I have a '08 AWD S60 2.5T that makes an ear piercing whine during heavy rain. The noise is not speed dependent and goes away within a few seconds after stopping or when the engine is put under load (acceleration). I had a '03 AWD S60 that did the same thing in the rain/snow. Anyone else have...
1-2 of 2 Results