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  1. Volvo For Sale
    Silver 2006 S80 I5 needs a new home. I am 2nd owner, bought it at 26k miles and drove it daily for 10 years. Regularly serviced by local dealership. Body is in excellent condition, never been wrecked. Interior wear appropriate with age. Burns oil internally, no leaks or smoking but has a...
  2. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    Hi guys! It's my first time on the Volvo forms so bare with me. I'm looking at a 2003 S80 T6 and I thought, with the twin turbos, CVVT ect. It should be a fun car, and I could get a dual stage boost controller and have even more fun. But I've read on here a bit and I see lots of threads about...
  3. Volvo Sedan
    I have about 5 2001 S60, 2004 S60. One of the 2001's is a T5. Also have three S80s (one is T6). Also have an 850 turbo, an S70, and a 1999 V70. Call: 503-505-6257 Or visit us online at: and look for the Parts Cars tab!
  4. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    I'm replacing the head gasket on my 01' s80 2.9L and I can't figure out how to remove the rear cam cap on the exhaust side to put the rear cam lock on. I don't want to damage anything. Was curious if anyone had an easy way of removing it? This is my first Volvo to work on so I'm kind of going...
  5. Volvo Sedan
    Hey y'all! So, my s80 t6 has 160k, and i love it, but i may seem that death will part us. Lately, while accelerating in first gear right after being stopping at a stop sign/light, the car will shudder violently. Its occasional. Also, while a cruising speed, sometimes when I step on the gas, its...
  6. Volvo Sedan
    When i first purchased my car a couple of months ago, when i really got on the gas (to pass or just take advantage of the twin turbos's :)) It would start to bog down, and would just feel like I was taking my foot off the gas pedel when it was close or too the floor. Well just recenetly its...
  7. Volvo For Sale
    Pulled from 02 s80 runs fine. Bought For project car, sold car my loss situation! Motor has 62XXX Miles, Stored in Humidity Controlled Environment, Turned Over Regularly. Paid $4400 motor is Still ON The CRATE! Complete with both turbos, and manifolds Engine has been sealed while in storage. PM...
1-7 of 7 Results