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  1. Volvo For Sale
    I'm trying to sell my 1998 Volvo V70 T5. It needs some mechanical work and sensors replaced. Currently will NOT pass inspection. In Massachusetts at least. The car has 226,xxx miles, automatic, black leather interior, strong engine and transmission. I'd like to sell the car as a whole but am...
  2. Introduce yourself
    Well to start off let me introduce myself. I'm Cory. I work as a Sous Chef, I have 3 awesome kids, and I'm a lover of all Volvos. My daily driver for the past 2.5 years has been a 1998 Volvo V70 T5 with 226,000 miles on the clock and I just recently purchased a 1988 Volvo 760GLE Turbo with...
  3. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    Hello, I've driven a 2001 v70 for the past 11 years, 142k miles. Suspension needs help. At last inspection (at a dealer) they said that I need new front shock mounts - a $400 job. a) is this a reasonable fee, or should I shop around? b) I don't even remember ever changing the shocks on this...
  4. Volvo Sedan
    I have about 5 2001 S60, 2004 S60. One of the 2001's is a T5. Also have three S80s (one is T6). Also have an 850 turbo, an S70, and a 1999 V70. Call: 503-505-6257 Or visit us online at: and look for the Parts Cars tab!
  5. Volvo Versatility
    Hi, I bought a used V70 wagon a few months ago and am ready to change the oil. I read the Volvo owner's manual online that recommends 10W/30 every 5K and to buy an oil with an API seal. What oil brand is good for a high mileage Volvo? And at my level of milaeage should I be changing the oil...
  6. Introduce yourself
    Hi! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to ask if there are any cool, but cheap mods I could do to my 2003 Volvo V70? It's pretty much bone stock, and has lots of dents which I can't figure out how to pop out? One looks like someone tried to pry the hood open, and there are two huge ones on...
  7. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    i need to replace my 01 V70 upper control arm bushings. it appears to me that the entire rear subframe needs to come off to do so. is this true? can anyone provide some general guidance on this job? thanks. jt
  8. General Discussion
    I have a 98 V70 and i was wondering if there is anyway that i can put a roof rack on it. There are two long rubber inserts that run along the roof of the car but there seems to be no way of pulling them out. I just dont know if i have to option of mounting a roof rack on.
  9. General Discussion
    I just bought a V70 D5 Momentum with 105,000 km (65G US miles) on it. I have been told that after a longer ride I should not turn off the engine immediately but to let it idle for a couple of minutes. I've also been told that it's not necessary any more due to an improvement in Volvo's new...
1-9 of 10 Results