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  1. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    All right, I've looked at all applicable forums and threads I could find on this topic, but I'm coming up short. 2004 XC90, all electronics work perfectly. Except for the passenger side window, power lock, and mirror (adjustable and lean). All signs pointed to fuse number six, which controls...
  2. Electronics
    Hello everyone, I am a new first time Volvo owner. I just picked up a '99 S70. I bought it knowing that it needed a few things attented to. The windows, mirrors, and sunroof currently do not function. Are they all tied to one relay/fuse? Also, does anyone know how to pull trouble codes...
  3. General Discussion
    How does one remove the window switch from the armrest in the 240 DL, circa 1992? Can it be pryed out without breaking? What tool to remove the three armrest screws (assuming they should come out?). Neither Phillips nor Allen wrenches seems to fit the internal hex shape? Seems I have a bad...
1-3 of 3 Results