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  1. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    I’m well aware of the oil consumption problem with our MY. I’ve read countless posts that the max-min range for digital dipstick is roughly 1QT. However, when my car goes from Max to 7 bars low after a 1000 miles, the dipstick never moves higher than 18 bars after topping it off with a QT. This...
  2. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    I've got an XC90 that is throwing P0057 which is an o2 sensor issue. The problem is, the car keeps dying at low RPM, so it dies on startup or when stopping. I've read it may be the idle control valve, but I want to see if I can get a better idea before starting to throw money at the problem
  3. Volvo Maintenance and Repairs
    All right, I've looked at all applicable forums and threads I could find on this topic, but I'm coming up short. 2004 XC90, all electronics work perfectly. Except for the passenger side window, power lock, and mirror (adjustable and lean). All signs pointed to fuse number six, which controls...
  4. General Discussion
    Can any one tell me the purpose of what looks like a plunger & a toggle switch (seen in photo) at the end of dangling wires I see under the dash of our 2012 Volvo XC90. View in pic is at firewall near where the drivers foot rests. Thank you, Jim
  5. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    Original owner of 2005 XC90, 2.5L T5 engine with standard front wheel drive. Got 90K mileage after 14 years almost trouble free (with min. repair besides standard wear out and maintenance). Never push hard or abuse the car on driving and the car is in garage down in NC all these years. In...
  6. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    Read the full review for the 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 and see the photo gallery at
  7. Introduce yourself
    Hello! I am a proud owner of a new-to-me xc90 and bought it from a non-volvo dealership so there were a few things we have had to figure out on our own. The one thing I really can't find a solution for us why the Red triangle hazard light button is lighting up. I doubt it is supposed to be lit...
  8. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    Hi everyone, a newbie on this forum. Appreciate your help and guidance in advance. :) Bought a 2012 XC90 R Design in September and have been pretty happy with the car, minus a few minor issues. However, within the last 1-2 months husband and I noticed a very annoying drone type noise that...
  9. Introduce yourself
    Hi everyone :), I'm looking at XC90's to buy, from 2007 and with 20-40,000 kms on the clock. What problems is any should I be aware of when buying? Also how does the cost of parts compare gnerally speaking? Last car was a Chrysler Grand Voyager, at 50,000 km the transmission impoded and to...
  10. Volvo Cross Country and SUV
    hey i have a n xc90 2.5t about 05 or 06 cant quite remember what year, but it keeps on getting stuck in park and no one cant get it out sometimes the key also get stuck in the ignition and wont turn fully off. i have been to several mechanics and gotten it scanned and looked at and everyone says...
1-10 of 10 Results