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Hi guys the dreaded throttle body problem, No power wont rev past 3000 rpms revs up and down on its own. Tryed cleaning with t/body cleaner helped for a day. dealer wants $1500 to fix. My question, Is XeMODeX my only option at about $600.00. Dont like putting $600.00 is a $2000.00 car The local dealer tells me that a new/used t/body
wont work as it must be programed with softwhere. They will only do this if they install there new part. I see new and used ones on the net for between $100.00 and $300.00. But if it must programed that will not work ???? I used the
XeMODeX flow chart purtty sure its the t/body, anyone know anything about this company. As they are not cheep. Is the dealer the only one who can put the soft ware in ????? And are thease my only two options
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