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Appreciate any help or advice.

It has 153k miles, when u first start it up for the day it’ drives like new.

It takes about 25 minutes of stop and go driving until it reaches the middle on the temp gauge and then the problems start and continue to for the rest of the day until the next morning

Only In D or R n At a stop the Idle stays at 7-800 and doesn’t dip but u can feel the car dip randomly (like A/C turns on) and it’ll progressively get worse and the when letting off the brake it’ll start studdering forward.

Once that starts it’ll have random moments when it either won’t shift into gear without letting off or when the RPMs are much higher than usual. At this point you can feel the difference between going from P to D n R and is a lot harder then normal.

There was a p0305 misfire code at one point, and a p0234 wastegate solenoid code. So I’ve changed the plugs to the best NGK (gap 2 spec) and installed-at torque. Replaced the coils. Cleaned the grounds. Installed a new turbo control valve with new hose to the wastegate. Cleaned the MAF and unplugged to check if that was it. Couldn’t find any vacuum leaks and finally spent a couple hours removing and cleaning the ETM which looked new with a contactless TPS. Every time I’ve done one of those repairs or cleaning it seems to run good for a couple miles and then goes right back to running like crap. I haven’t changed the PCV yet cuz not only is it a pain in the arse but I don’t have a complete kit to replace the gaskets of everything on the way to it.

I’d like some advice on things I can do before changing the PCV. Im not a mechanic and don’t have advanced equipment or knowledge to get too technical about it and can’t afford let alone trust a local mechanic so any help would be appreciated.

Also I was told I can get the software update and I would if I absolutely new that was the problem or if it was a constant thing and not only when it’s at normal operating temp.
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