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Hello All. "recently got a sweet deal on an 96 2.5t xc90", lol. Heading down the green brick road. So far enjoying the education, and this car seems extremely easy to work on. I think these high mile runners are parts cheap and labor high, and i am down for the work. Going to real this thing in.
Where i am at:
142000. AWD problems as expected. Got the sleeve, (old one trashed gear box side), but it looks like it got some decent wear on the gear box to tranny output splines of the otherwise perfect angle gear. Thinking of forgoing the weld fix as i worry about tempering the metal resulting in disintegration around my tranny output shaft. looks like volvo is around 1800.00, reseals around 900, and used 3-500.00. New is high, but to be considered. Used i worry may be just ready to fail. At least with reseals I know the interior has been seen. Pricing a personal rebuild.

1. Will any or all of the v8 angle gear with increased torque specs fit this 2.5 box?
2. is there anywhere i can find a complete rebuild kit, ie., bearings, splines, gears, etc?
3. what cost are associated with the haldex in the event the next link is also weak after this gear box fix?
Thanks guys. I have a feeling I will be becoming a regular on these forums.
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