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I've got a strange issue with an XC90 (2004 T6). I'd been hearing a strange crunching sound come from what I thought was the front suspension. It was very pronounced at slower speeds, slightly when turning, very noticeable when traveling over the slightest bumps, and even when simply backing out of the driveway and rolling backwards over the curb.

I had it checked out at the dealer, they could find nothing wrong (after several attempts). After a while, I just couldn't take it anymore so I went on a hunt to determine the root of the noise myself. Turns out the strange crunching/rattle was coming from a boot (not sure the exact name of the part) that goes around the steering column/shaft and attaches to the firewall. This boot has a clamp that clasps on to a small flange in the firewall. I assume this part is there to prevent engine noise and the elements from getting in to the passenger compartment.

This boot had popped loose from the firewall and was creating the noise. Sounds simple and strange, but it is true. I reattached the boot with the clamp to the firewall, and voila, the noise was gone. Problem is, the boot keeps coming off the firewall. So the noise keeps coming back.

The flange on the firewall doesn't seem to have much surface area for the clamp to grab. So it keeps popping off. Perhaps the rubber material in the boot has deteriorated and made to boot less pliable. I don't know?

This get me to my question, does anyone have a solution for keeping this boot attached to the firewall?


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I guess a picture would be a little tough. What if you put on a worm gear clamp or something with more 'bite' to it. You also may want to try contacting user bullit91 or rfilori they are both volvo tech guys.
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