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'06 XC70 Bevel Gear issues

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Hello Volvo folks….I am the proud owner of a 06 XC70 now without AWD. Seems the bevel gear has given up amazingly after less than 2000kms from my last extended warranty date. How's that for terrific engineering?

Question is what do most owners do? Replace the whole assembly, repair what is likely the stripped spline itself and reseal, or survive the winter with front wheel drive?

No doubt there are a few with similar issues given the ramble on various search engines! I would really appreciate hearing what others have done and how reliable those repairs have been.

Thanks all….
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Given repair costs, I took out the bevel gear and drive shaft in my 2002 leaving me with a front wheel drive. Only issue is I am suffering wheel spin due to the torque, otherwise ok. Just need to be aware that safety can be compromised....
Yup, as I understand it, proper periodic inspection by somebody who knows Volvo AWD systems should have caught the impending doom. The transfer case that transfers power from the normal transmission to the rear-wheel drive starts to leak. This starves the spline gear which eventually strips. It's one of those things that happens at 100K+ like the timing belts. My local Volvo speciality shop charges $500 to fix it BEFORE the Hindenberg touches down. Jiffy Lube is clueless.
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