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Hi folks!!!
Well, my previous "kangarooing" problem was sorted - with the fuel computer the culprit.

Now, a new gremlin. I can run around town all day & car starts just fine.
But take a freeway trip of 1+ hours, and I have to watch out!!
Heat seems to be the issue.....but what??
If I sit and wait (sort of patiently) it will eventually turn over.
To be more specific, there is OK battery power and all lights work.
When turning the key I hear a click somewhere in the bowels of the engine.
I am led to believe that the likely problem children are either:
Detent switch
Ignition switch back.
Starter motor (Poured water over it and tapped with a wrench but no go)

Your thoughts would be muchly appreciated!!!

Many thanks, Michael

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Problem solved !!!!!

Hi again,
Found an auto electrician who knows his stuff.
He ummed & ahhed a while, then worked out that since the wiring is old, when it gets hot it carries less current.
And not enough to get the starter motor going, until everything cools down.

The quick fix was to install a starter relay directly to the starter motor, and hey - Presto !!!!
Works like a charm.

Thank you for your advice and skull sweat.
Another mystery of the 700's identified.....
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