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Help! I have a 2012 model year XC60 (made for the Canadian market) and have installed a 13-pin European trailer harness (needed for my European Thule bike carrier, which comes with a full set of rear lights (position, brake, fog, reverse and amber turn lights, the latter as well as the fog and reverse lights being practically unheard of in North America when it comes to trailers and other towed items.)

This same harness worked fine on my 2004 V70 (also a Canadian model) but that was before trailer modules became the norm. The connector being different at the ‘inside' end of the harness I therefore exchanged it to one designed for the trailer module (the module is Volvo part 31350479) and spliced each wire to the connector according to wiring diagram for the XC60. The result was a harness similar to Volvo part 31373184. I then connected the harness as well as the two pre-wired (existing) power & data connections under the floor mat to the module, using Volvo extension harness 31346554. Of course, Pins 3, 11 and 13 were grounded as per instructions in XC60 2012 - Volvo Cars Accessories Web AWD/Automatic/L.H.D/ShowDocument/ShowIiDocument/VCC-452672-1/XC60_2012 .

Once the above completed, I brought the car to the Volvo dealership to have the trailer module programmed by their VIDA system. They say that their VIDA was set to install the 13-pin programme.

Well, it didn't work. The dealership claims that I must have done something wrong. Back home, with a multi-tester, the wiring diagram and the Volvo installation instructions, I confirmed that my connections were correct.

Can anyone out there provide me with useful comments?
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