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In Canada that's 20L/100km. Not too good but not far from normal, depending on your driving habits.

I'd go with the usual tune up stuff; plugs, wires, cap, rotor, points, air filter. They don't get great mileage, especially if you push them a bit. Have you got an autobox or AC? These don't help the economy either.

Other possible places to check? Check that the brakes are not binding. The calipers can seize and cause the brakes to drag. You'll notice one rim will get hotter than the others. Cleaning fuel injectors can help too. Some shops offer the service where they idle the car for an hour on fuel system cleaner to clean out the injectors. I've only done it to my Jeeps and it works wonders - can see the difference on the mileage computer.

I would not suspect the fuel injection system. It's pretty simple and generally reliable.

It's a heavy car for a 2L engine so to keep up with modern traffic, you've got to put your foot into it. If it's not your daily driver and it's just for fun, so what!

I've looked at the EZ power steering but I've decided the work out is still a good alternative to a gym. Post some pix of the PS install.
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