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I am looking for the 2nd generation blue faced Smiths Tachometer for my 1968 P1800S. My tach fried out the other night; whenever I connect it, my B18 engine shuts down, not violently, just slowly shuts down. This happened the other night after the connecter clip for interior lights wire (under hood, left side above fuses/ light purple in color) came in contact with a negative clip on my ignition coil (in case you are wondering, don't ever allow this to happen). I have replaced the coil, new distributor, new battery, new voltage regulator. But I am having trouble finding a tachometer.

So to repeat.... I am looking for anyones' ideas or thoughts about this Tach problem. I am looking for a blue faced 2nd generation negative earth Smiths Tachometer (used from 1965-1969 I believe)/ or if anyone knows someone good to rebuild my original Tachometer in the Northwest United States (Washington State) or anywhere on the west coast.

So please put your thinking caps on and let me know if you have any thoughts on the problems, the rebuild of the tachometer or where to find a tach.
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