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1966 122S Wagon
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Hi all,
New to the forum and relatively new to owning a vintage Volvo (fell in love and switched from a 1985 Mercedes 300TD wagon). Three days ago, my car started from cold as usual, but when I went to start it later in the day, it wouldn't turn over. It seemed like the battery and lo and behold, found corrosion around one of the terminals. When I removed the battery, the terminal came partly off the battery and then started leaking.

Yesterday I cleaned the terminals (baking soda paste and carbonated water) and replaced the battery. It's still making the "whrrr-whrrr-whrrr I want to start" noise, but not turning over. Any ideas? I have the two bibles (Workshop Manual by Kenneth Ball, and Haynes Repair Manual) and am not quite sure where to start.

Would appreciate any hints/tips.
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