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I have a 144S for sale.

It's one owner, auto trans, no A/C

I purchased it for my mom a couple of years ago, she had a stroke.

Her house is for sale and this is there and has to go

Location is Chester, Pa. just off of I-95

I have had the coil springs, winshield wiper motor, shocks, and front muffler replaced, as well as having some rear rubber brake lines, and metal lines replaced.

The car still needs to be tuned, and it does have some rust, namely older body work around the rear wheel wells, a bit at the front of one fender, and some small spots at front and rear of the rockers.

The interior is in pretty good shape, seats headliner doorpanels and dash are pretty respectable.

Overall the car is about a 6 or 7 depending on your level of flaw acceptance.

Also 4 good Michelin tires/ not dryrotted

I'm located in N. California, so this has to go as it's hard to deal with from this distance

call anytime 9am-8pm pst

Jim 510-375-6500


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