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1971 Volvo 1800e rear brake "dampeners"

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Have a 1971 Volvo 1800E and am doing a complete brake job. The car doesn't have many miles, but the rear bleeders seem to dribble. Replaced a sticking left rear caliper, the master cylinder, the two rear flex lines and am wondering about those two cylindrical shaped "dampeners" which are located by the rear axle and seem to serve as a junction between metal & flex lines. Have been told they are a sort of early anti-lock mechanical thingy, but don't really know.

Seems the rear brakes haven't been working properly and am wondering if those two "dampeners" could get "stuck" from disuse.

Anyone know anything about them, how to check, adjust, tear down, repair, etc?

Thanks in advance.
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The brake system on a Volvo 1800 is a dual circuit system with disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear. The system is provided with a tandem master cylinder and a direct operating servo cylinder.

The principal for the dual circuit system is that both front wheels are connected to a rear wheel, that is, should one of the systems should cease to function, there is always brake power for both front wheels and a rear wheel.

The delivery lines to the rear wheels are fitted with relief valves which prevent involuntary locking of the rear wheels.

The system also includes a warning lamp mounted to the left of the rpm gauge. The warning lamp lights if one of the circuits does not function during braking. The lamp also indicates when the handbrake is applied.
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