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Ok, I just bought a rough but intact 1972 P1800E. The owner told me it was in his friends family for the duration of it's life and he was going to restore it but ran out of funds. They had to do a title search as the family lost the title, well it says 1972.


The ID# on the vehicle says: 184353-035653

And if I look here,

VOLVO Parts and Accessoires. VOLVO Parts for VOLVO repair and VOLVO Performance upgrade! sells New and Used VOLVO parts for 240, 850, 740, 760, 940, S70, V70, S40, V40, S80, 140, 122, 164 and More

and here,

Volvo P1800 Picture Gallery Chassis Database with photos

Both these sites tell me that it's a 1971... Which to me is really what I wanted.

So, I'm guessing I'll have to make a trip down to the DMV (though she's not running at the moment, but I don't think that I need the vehicle with me) and get it changed. I'm wondering what kind of documentation the Florida DMV will need?

Letter from Volvo? Printouts of the links I furnished above? I have no idea.

Help from anyone who can help.

Thank you.

1972 (71'?) Volvo P1800E
1988 Toyota Cargo Van
1995 Land Rover Defender 90 SW
2006 Acura MDX (wifey's)


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