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Hi chaps,

Just joined the forum (see my "Introduce Yourself" thread here:

My Grandparents have owned their 1978 244 DL since new, but took it out of service 10 years ago when they got a Focus saloon (they were getting on a bit and so needed power steering, not to mention an auto box!). The car has stood in my parents barn ever since.

This weekend whilst clearing some old crap out I decided to try and start it and she fired up no problems. Other than a binding rear caliper the drove beautifully too.

As a bit of a project therefore I want to get her back on the road. Bar some rusty as hell rear arches and a missing backbox she's in awesome condition.

My only problem is I can't seem to find any information abotu the car anywhere! All I seem to find is newer 244's.

It's a '78 DL, with a 2.1 litre straight 4. That's the extent of my knowledge. other than the fact it's brown.

My plans are to get her roadworthy again (shouldn't take much) modernise the interior a bit (this will probably just mean fitting a decent stereo - nothing too crazy) then do a few tasteful mods. What is the norm with these things when it comes to wheel/suspension changes? I'm thinking some nice 15 or 16 inch banded steels with a bit of dish? Also - power gains? Engine conversions? Budget is small as it's just a bit of a mess around project but would like to know the options.

Any info/advice etc. would be greatly appreciated :D

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