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Hello everyone!
After a few futile internet searches, I thought I would go to the experts. You folks! giá xe tải van dongben 2 chỗ
You see, I have always wanted to own a Volvo and I have a thing for wagons as I am a mom and haul a LOT of groceries!
I found one for sale in town and amazingly it is pretty darn clean and has only 94,000 miles! Oh did I mention it is a 1983? hyundai hd700 dong vang
I can buy it for $500. Should I go for it? Is there some catch? I believe I read they got great fuel mileage.
I live in Northern California. High elevation. In case that might apply somehow. ��
Please tell me if this is a good deal or more issues than I will know what to do with.
Thanks very much! giá xe county đồng vàng
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