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1986 240, 1991 740,1993 850glt, 77 240, 1994 960 parts for sale

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i have various amounts of used, stock parts for the above cars, greatly depends on what you need. do not have every part from each car. there is a hood, grills tailights, some electrical, some mechanical, stuff in boxes, etc. will ship parts when possible. located in manchester, new hampshire. email [email protected] or call skip at 603 622 5292 for more info. if you leave reply here it may go unanswered as i am tied up with car projects, job, and elderly mother care. direct email or call is best if you are seriously looking for a part. will answer all. not a volv expert, so please be patient. thanks for understanding.
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Skip - I spent a year in Manchester! How's the weather up there? Good luck with the projects!
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