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2.8 V6
very little rust.
fully loaded..this car has every option possible.
and no mechanical problems... leaks a little oil and transmission fluid. for the oil all it needs is a left valve cover gasket... I'm unsure on the transmission.

I can honestly say I love this car... and has saved my life before. But I just can't really afford putting gas in this beauty of a car. it gets 17mpg... and i need something a little more economical for coming back and forth from college this next year.

I'm really not looking for a specific model(must be a volvo), just something with a 4 cylinder engine...maybe a wagon?

make an offer.. I'm pretty open.

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Here are a couple things I have repaired/replaced in the past 2 years of owning the car.

-blower motor (uses toggle switch, person who had it before me fried the wiring)
-all new brakes
-power steering pump/hoses
-radiator hoses
-distributor rotor
-1 refurbished alloy rim (other was bent but will come with the car)
-front right tie rod
-headlights both low and high beams

pictures will be up as soon as I figure out how to post
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