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Oh, thank you, it's probably easy to fix, but I would need some sage advice... If I may... I was driving on I-5 north through Redding headed to Mt Shasta a couple weeks ago, it was hot, 111 degrees, the clerk at the gas station told me, as I was buying a bag of ice to put in the cooler on my front passenger seat. 50 miles later I noticed that the electric windows had stopped working, frozen in place, and the turn signals as well, kablooey. I made to mt Shasta and camped for the night, then the next morning got out the manual and found the fuse box (behind the ashtray) and saw that the number#9 fuse was indeed blown (controlls electric windows, turn signals, front seat heaters, and maybe something else). So with the motor off, but the radio on, I replaced the fuse, and the windows and blinkers worked fine, until I started the engine, then the fuse blew out again. I thought maybe I had spilled ice water on the the seat heater switches between the front seats, but have waited 3 weeks with the car baking in the sun, and still the same condition. got a dozen blown fuses now. And I'm driving an extra old car, but would like to fix the volvo.

PS: if it matters, the volvo's AC unit hasn't worked all year, far preceeding the fuse problem. I bought a refill can from auto parts store a week ago and the clerk was going to help me refill the unit, but the AC unit isn't running. Would that affect the fuse situation?

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