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Hot Day - 111 degrees going north through Redding - iced drinks on center console between the front seats and on the passenger seat - noticed the power windows and the turn signals stopped working, - got to mount shasta safely - next morming buy fuse - old fuse is melted - put new fuse in - windows and turn signals work for 30 seconds , then fuse melts again. Read online that front seat heater switches (on top of the center console) (which i never paid attention to before) are also on the same fuse curcuit - vaguely remember spilling ice drink on center console between seats before initial problem - set seat heater switches to off then installed another fuse - windows and turn signal worked for 30 seconds then that fuse blows too. A week later, after car set in the sun for days and totally dry, tried another fuse, but it blew too. Could years of spilling food / drinks on the seat heater switches have thoroughly gunked them up? If i can somehow remove and discard the old switches, would that solve the problem?
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