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For the last 2 years my 940 GLE 16 valve volvo has been very unreliable.
Sometimes for no reason it will just stop, one never knows when or where.
Luckely I have always been able to pull off the road. Then I have to get it picked up on a recovery truck and taken to the garage.(5 times)
The garage ask if I would have it transported this way so they could find the fault while it was in the disabled state
How ever, the trip on the truck must have jerked something into place because it would start when it got to the garage.
They replaced the pump relay, tested the pump off the car, checked the EMU several times, replaced the oxygen sensor, checked all wiring etc.etc. $2,500 +..
Six months ago it stopped not far from home. I tapped the pump relay, checked the fuses wriggled wires switched it on and off many times and it started. I only got about 100 metres and it stopped again. I had enough speed to let it run to my house
Next day I got to it myself and removed the fuel pump and tested it with a 12 volt battery, and yes it worked well. I cleaned the wire slide on connectors, tested the wires with a multimeter and yes I had power. Refitted the pump and no it didn't work. I removed the pump again and found that the + terminal was a blackish colour. I cleaned it and presto it worked
It never let me down again for six months, until yesterday . I went to the shop and when I tried to start it to return home it wouldn't go. I towed it home, pulled the pump off, cleaned the terminals and it started instantly. The terminals didn't appear dirty or corroded.
Has anyone ever had simular problems and if so what cured it.????????:mad:
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