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1991 volvo 240 starting problems

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my volvo had both fuel pumps replaced and the fuel lines cleaned out and i still have this problem........the car will start and run for a day or two then it won't will crank but not start.....if it sits for a day or two, it will start again. if i jump the fuel pumps, they will kick in but there is no arc to fire the motor up.......any solutions would be a great help, i've already spent $1,500 trying to fix this problem and i still have it......HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!
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i have the same prob too. its a 82 245 2.1 w/ CIS. i have checked the in tank pump it was bad, replaced. the main pump is making 90-110 psi so its good. changed filter (hahaha no shyt sherlock) now i am checking the injectors to make sure fuel is getting there and they spray. if not it is sounding like the fuel distributor. if u follow the fuel line from the injectors u will find the "little black box" idk how it works yet if its repairable or what. i know its $1600 to replace plus shipping so idk how im going to fix it in the morning or if its going to the scrap yard on mon. if anyone knows let me know.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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