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If anyone can help, please jump right in...

I purchased a, 1992 240 GL, 153K Miles, well maintained but lately having erratic idle and shutdown issues. I do my own maintenance so I, (removed and cleaned ) the Throttle Body, IACV, MAF Sensor, Flame Trap and TPS like so many forums have said to do. I even changed the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel pump relay (brand new), but as the car sits idling in the driveway it sounds GREAT... then once it warms up the erratic idling begins... then the engine shuts off! It starts back up without hesitation, but a few minutes later it does the same thing.

Sometimes when pulling off from a red light it appears to lose power while driving. I tap the accelerator lightly a few times, it misfires "POP!!" then pulls off with ease, only to repeat the issue moments later down the road. I changed the cap, rotor, wires, and the oil, but still the same old issues. What the heck could it be ?!!
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