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Hello All,

I was recently given a Volvo 940. It's in pretty good shape, no dents or dings. Has 200,000 miles. The only thing is... it overheats. I put it in the shop and they replaced the Coolant Reservoir. I thought that solved the problem, but last night, after driving it for approx 10 min, the "temp" needle begin to rise. The car overheated while I was on the highway. Thank God I was able to make it to my destination and back home. However I did have to stop and put some more Anti-freeze in it, because the reservior was empty. I didn't see any leaks! But once I bled the air out of the system via the Reservoir cap, a little antifreeze began to flow back into the bottom of the reservoir.
I'm taking the car back to the shop today, but wanted to know if anyone has experienced this problem and/or has a possible fix. Any assistance is welcomed.

God Bless,

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