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1995 Volvo 850 2.4L (non-turbo, manual 5-speed)

Engine cut during operation twice in one day, started back up almost immediately on its own the first time, the 2nd it stayed dead. Headlights were dimming just beforehand each time.
All electrical remained intact and working, including starter. Thought to check alternator, it's gone out. Have a mechanic change pulley from old to new alternator, but puts it on a bit too far, maybe 2mm misaligned, but solid enough to start the car.
Drive about 30 feet, car says no to the serpentine belt (which is looking a bit old anyway), eats a big strand off the edge and throws it. I have a spare, so I throw it on.

Now, the fun part.

The next time I attempt to start car, a loud pop is heard from the engine compartment. Friend is watching and sees that "magic smoke" puffed out at the mass air flow sensor's connector plug.
Along with this pop is a sudden change in sound of the starter. It now sounds higher pitched and sounds as if it is producing less work. It seems the serpentine belt and pulleys are moving slower than they should be.
Check battery, charge is sitting at 12.45V, which considering all the extra work on the starter as I've been doing all this for the past 3 days, seems reasonable.
I have a spare mass air flow sensor, so I put that in, but there was no change to the behavior of the car when starting.

Anyone got any ideas?
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