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1995 850 Turbo Wagon - Power cutting out

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I have a 95 850 Turbo that I just purchased from a dismantler and have been slowly bringing the car back to life. I have it running very well and the turbo seems to have pretty good pull. Under heavy accelleration the car loses power for a moment then pulls again. It does this a few times then seems to run fine. Is this a waste gate problem? I am also getting a engine running lean code if that helps.

On another note, the oil coolant lines are leaking (drips). Is $120 a piece a decent price for these lines? Are there any aftermarket sources for these?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I have the exact same issues with my '97 T5. All exepct the engine running lean error. Mine does that always after shifts under full throttle.
I figured out that there are no aftermarket products for those oil line so I will buy them from Volvo.
Unfortunately I don't have any idea where the power loss comes from though.
Would be glad for any comments on that.
If its a boost issue installing a gauge would be a easy way to see if thats it.
I have the same sort of problem with my 96 850 r wagon. I installed a boost guage, if I drive it gently in economy mode and keep it from boosting it won't shudder. If i drive it heavier, let itboost or almost at any time in sport mode it will shudder. I have been poking around other forums and have heard that it my need a full stage 0 and pcv overhaul.. II have not done that yet. it is next up on my list
so I also have a pretty bad oil leak from my oil cap. last night I bought new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. I only installed the cap, rotor and ignition wire since I didn't want my oil leak to ruin all of my new parts. on my way home from my buddies house I gave it a few pulls on the highway and I haven't had any misfires yet.. the only thing I noticed I noticed out of the ordinary was that the ignition wire had a little bit of white fowling on the rotor side... tonight I will be replacing the rest of the plugs and wires and attempting to fix my oil leak
The common cause of the oil filler leaking oil is higher than normal crankcase pressure. The cure is usually replacing the PCV hoses and cleaning out or replacing the PCV black box and the passages to the oil pan.
If it's a turbo, cleaning out the PTC would be advisable too.


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