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1996 Volvo 850 Odometer stopped working

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1996 Volvo 850 (sister's ride)

Odometer stopped working. Speedometer still works.
Took it to a mechanic who supposedly regularly works on imports. She was told that the instrument cluster would require removal and that the unit would need to be sent out for calibration....cost = $300....

This sounds bizarre to me. In my (non-Volvo) experience, the vehicle speed sensor input usually goes through some type of electronics module that drives both the speedo and odo. Or in the old old days everything was cable driven....

Can someone explain to me how the odo works on this model and if the quoted diagnosis and repair seem reasonable?

Much appreciated!

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On modern domectic cars, the odometer display is generated by the computer. Changing the display would be like changing the monitor on your home computer - the desktop shown would be the same as on the old monitor.

I'm sure a the Volvo would be similar.
we're talkin 1996...

Fair enough for newer cars, but we're talking 1996, not 21st century.....

The car is in CO... I'm in Jersey....I don't remember it being digital....

Anyone? Anyone???
OK, old technology then.

A quick look at IPD shows this;

Odometer Repair Kit

They are a great, modern resource that people should use more often.
Thanks, B! Never knew they (IPD) existed.

Looks pricey but adequate -- I also need one for the trip-dometer in one of my Saturns, so now I will go hunting the net for similar.

Far from the $300 "Calibration" (?) that was suggested....i guess that was for a rebuilt unit and reset to current mileage...

knowledge is power

Thanks again!
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