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1996 Volvo 850 - What is this?

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I have had my volvo for about 9 months now, and must say I love this 17 year old car more than any other vehicle I have ever owned. I feel like king of the world riding around in one of the most luxurious feeling cars I have been in. I haven't driven many cars either haha. Heres the problem though, I have fixed a couple things on it and this one had me wondering. Was riding along and all of sudden the car started running like shite out of nowhere even the A/C started kicking on and off (its 101 degrees here in phoenix) so I pull over and look at the engine. Check engine light had been on for some time since I replaced the spark plug wires. Find this hose that was broke off the front. Just pulled off the old crusty part and pushed more on. Need to probably get a whole new hose there. Here is a picture or two, just wondering if anyone knows what the heck this is and what it does. Car started running great again after doing that, lights still on though.

WHAT IS THIS, its on very front of my engine.

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