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I recently purchased a 1998 S70 GLT from a friend as a vehicle to get around the city. I have read some forums but they do not seem to address my particular issue.

If the temperature is below 20 degrees and not sunny the car will not start. As soon as it warms up a little, it will start up with no hesitation.

I have replaced the battery.
There appears to be a new fuel pump relay already in.

Here is the issue, when I turn the key in cold weather it starts up like normal but immediately turns off. If I try again soon after it will chug repeatedly but not turn over. If I wait 3 minutes, it will once again turn on but immediately shut down. It seems to be an issue with fuel getting to the engine?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I am currently wasting a lot of money taking Uber's to work because my car will not start in these cold Colorado mornings.

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