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Hello all. I know that there's been lots of discussions on the timing belt and mostly on the mileage that it should be replaced at. My wife's 98 V70 still has 75xxx miles and the previous owner per the sticker in the engine compartment had replaced the belt probably due to age and not mileage, at about 60k and 3 years ago... Is there a time concern, I would think and if so how many years, to changing the belt proactively since putting 75k in my wife's case could be a loooong time?
Also my mechanic who's quite good, I guess not too familiar with the Volvo, wasn't able to get rid of the service light on the dash that stays on for a few minutes when started. Is there a procedure that can be done outside to Volvo's dealers that will reset its counter?

Thank you much in advance,
Tony V.
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