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Hello Volvo Enthusiasts,

I recently bought a 1999 Volvo S80 2.9L Non-Turbo that supposedly had a blown head gasket. I knew I was taking a gamble but for the price & mileage ($500 with 147k), it was just too good to pass up. I figured that even if I couldn't get it running I could still sell it for parts and possibly make my money back.*

When I first inspected the car there was oil coming from a few places but nothing too unusual. I asked the owner to turn it over which it did pretty much without a hitch, though a huge cloud of whitish/blue smoke spit out the tailpipe. So I knew there was either oil or coolant burning in the cylinder (fairly certain*it was oil since A it was everywhere and B oil burns whitish blue), so that lined up with what he was saying. There wasn't any whitish milk on the bottom of the oil fill cap which did worry me a bit but wasn't too worried since he had said the car had been sitting for awhile. On another note, I also thought that the engine was either misfiring or out of time since it was running a little strange though the idle wasn't too rough. I was afraid to rev it since there wasn't much oil left in the crankcase.*

Fast forward a bit, I've torn the engine down to the cylinders expecting to see a blown head gasket and if it wasn't it needed to be takin apart anyways since the engine was burning something it wasn't supposed to. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there isn't a blown head gasket (though I am somewhat of a novice in the field of auto repair/machinery*so I wouldn't trust my opinion which is why I'm here). I have a few photos I'll post below that might help with diagnosing this issue and I*have a high-end camera if anyone needs me to take any more*of ANYTHING else. I did notice that there is some weird gunk that is sitting on the very top of the coolant passages which I did find odd, but not to sure what it was or if it was normal or not.

I will be taking off the crankcase tomorrow to see if there's*coolant mixed in with the oil, I'm hoping that will give me a little more information in trying to solve this problem. If anyone can shed some light on the situation*that would help me out, that would be a godsend since I am a little out of my depth here. I knew this job would be no cakewalk and from what I've read, its one of the more difficult engines to work on. Thank you in advance to whoever helps me out.*
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