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2001 S40 / Oil blowing out dipstick, should I purchase it? Any thoughts?

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Hello all. New to this group. Wondering if anyone could help me to make a decision? Looked at this 2001 S40, with 1.9t today. Less than 85k miles on it. Automatic. Looked fine, ran fine. (Did have a misfire cyl 3 and 2 cel on, which I assumed to be a coilpack?) Anyway, took it out and it ran and shifted fine. Ran it about 8 miles up the road at normal highway speed. When I returned, I noticed an oil smell. Opened the hood to find oil under the hood, and over the coilpack cover, and rails. Figured it came from the dipstick. My question is, is this common? Would I be looking at a clogged pcv system, or something more major? I have read some threads that talked about new o rings, but thought I would go to those more experienced. Any ideas or thoughts? Anyone? The car is reasonably priced, and frankly I want it, however, dont (or cant) afford a engine rebuild at this time.
Thanks in advance.
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Either the PCV is clogged or bad piston rings. run the car at idle and open the oil cap to see if any smoke(blow-by) comes out in large quantities. I little is OK and the PCV is probably clogged up. Lots of smoke? Run for the hills!! Car was probably overheated at some point. As for the misfire, having 2 bad coils would be very very unusual. maybe no compression or very little in those cylinders, that would account for the codes and blowing oil. Maybe you should look somewhere else. There are plenty out there for sale.
Yup, what he said. If you're getting air blowing out of the dipstick tube and/or the oil filler cap you've got a pressureized crankcase. That usually happens because of bad compression rings which are letting the compression in the cylinders go by them into the crank case. PCV value can be check easily by just taking it out and shaking it. It should rattle indicating is loose as it should be.

Go ahead and start the engine and let it idle, open the hood and take off the filler cap. There should be almost no air passing through there.

I agree, check the valve. Next check would be a compression test of the cylinders. If the compression isn't correct - run don't walk away.

You might also find some answers by removing the plugs and checking their status. Oily ones are another sign to run away.
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