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First post, first volvo. Before I purchased my 2001 S60 I did a lot of research, I called the dealership with the VIN and verified the throttle module upgrade was done and the new fuel pump was installed. The previous owner said he changed a turn signal bulb and got the quick flashing failure bug. I read on a few forums that it is usually as simple as changing both bulbs at the same time or sometimes changing a socket, so I purchased the car.

The failure I have is on both sides, not just one, which seems to be different than the common one side flashing faster than the other. I have replaced all the bulbs, sylvania in the front and rear, and eiko on the sides (i also broke the clips on the side lenses). the sockets seem to be free of corrosion. is there something I'm missing, maybe some reason I'm getting the failure message in the dash when I use BOTH sides' turn signals?

Also, I saw a product at the auto parts store that I wanted to ask the veterans about before I try to use it on my finicky Volvo. It is a conductive grease specifically for light bulb sockets... has anyone used it before?

Thanks to all in advance for any help you can give.
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