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I have a 2001 V70T5 with a problem with my windows, this is how it happened... I think.

My battery was dying and I wasn't aware. I began to have problems starting, turn the ignition key to start and I would hear clicking, eventually, the car would turn over and soon start.

When the car started, it would be fine for several days, and I'd ignore the problem until next time.

Once, no matter what I did it would not turn over. I tried to lower the windows to see if I could hear the problem (didn't realize it was the battery yet) I checked the voltage of the battery and it was low very low ( can't remember exactly how low)

I replaced the battery.

Now, the master controller on drivers side... Raise/lower rear windows, no problem. Raise/lower both front windows... push 'down', and the window will only go down 2 inches and the back up one inch on it's own when the button is released. Try to raise the window at that point, and it goes up, and then back down an inch when released.


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