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2001 Volvo XC70
129k miles
AWD, AC blows cold, car play radio/GPS, electric seats with seat heaters, new sunroof seal, new LED headlights, regular maintenance always done on time.

Well taken care of car. The seats have some wear and tear but nothing crazy. The check engine light and a “light bulb out” warning are both on, but the light bulb warning is simply because we put LEDs in and the car doesn’t recognize them. The check engine has had test runs and it’s because the main computer needs an update and I just haven’t wanted to take it to Volvo to fix it. Nothing wrong at all with engine or lights! Small dent on passenger side door. I’ve had it for 3 years and it’s been so reliable.

Asking $5000 OBO in Elkton, FL (near St Augustine).

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