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Folks, I had a very interesting issue. Bought my S60 new off the lot. Over the years I've experienced various issues with the transmission, from slipping, to clucking/banging. After a new TCM, various downloads and complete reloads, I finally had the trans dropped and opened up. Surprise, it was completely rusty inside. BTW, my car has less than 46000 miles. The mechanic asked if the car had ever been in a flood. Since I knew that as long as I owned the car it had never even gone through a deep puddle. Just on a lark I asked the mechanic to give me the serial number of the transmission they removed. I then called Volvo of America and the local dealer, lo and behold, the serial numbers did not match.

I have asked Volvo of America if they could trace back the origin and shipping status of each trans. I did find out that they were made by AW Europe and am awaiting them to reply to my e-mail asking the same question.

I am puzzled as why the serial numbers are different. Might the trans been switched between the car assembly plant and the dealer? Or could the dealer have switched them out and got rid of a damaged trans.?

The car is coming up on 10 years old and it may be a little too late to get any compensation, even the original dealer is no longer in business. But Its the principle of the thing.

Who could have thought that you should verify the serial number of your transmission in a new car.
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